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      5052 aluminum plate production process through these processes: ingredients - cut - cut - planer - cut angle - bending - group board - reinforcement - reinspection.
      Ingredients: select the data type, specification, color and lustre according to the list of the factory. It will be cut before cutting to the cutting machine.
      Open: open, first locator to the required scale, first cut a small scale after the review is not fit with the demand scale, began to open match, and adjusted to fit in until stop. And, to be exact. The direction from left to right, from top to bottom, from Fanqie; open check at the end to see is not meet the standards will be gently on the plate clean clean channel, to prevent the plate facing damage.

      Planer: the planer should pay attention to the need to re analyze, confirm and shape the processing chart.
      Cutting angle: the punching angle machine is washed and the cutting angle is not allowed to surpass the center line of the planing slot.
      Bending: to be careful not to repeat the bending, maximum bending two times, to prevent fatigue damage.
      Group board, reinforcement: the first preparation of the data and things of the board, it is necessary to pay attention to the board process can not damage the plate decoration.
      Recheck: carry on the reinspection of the completed 5052 aluminum plate to see if it fits the manufacturing specification and prevents the factory from bringing bad effect to the factory when it comes out.
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