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      花紋鋁板的運用非常廣泛,三條筋、五條筋、指針型花紋鋁板都是常見的品種,在建筑、交通、裝修、制冷設備等范疇都能看到花紋鋁板的身影。今天 ,材信鋁卷生產廠家給大家簡單說一說選擇花紋鋁板的訣竅。
      The use of decorative aluminum plates is very extensive. Three bars, five bars and pointer pattern aluminum plates are common varieties. In the field of building, transportation, decoration, refrigeration equipment and so on, we can see the figure of aluminum pattern. Today, the manufacturer of material letter aluminum rolls simply said the knack of choosing the pattern aluminum plate.
      Look at the processing. Formal large production pattern aluminum, exquisite material, surface light bright, clear regular pattern, flat plate, no oil, surface scratches, broken and other defects; and the small factory production pattern aluminum, with aluminum as the material, the surface pattern is not clear, dim and dark, irregular, the surface is not smooth, the function of substandard quality. Poor.

      Look at the thickness. The selected pattern aluminum plate quality, thickness and strength, the thickness of the oxide film should comply with the national standard: aluminum plate with thickness not less than 1.2mm, the tensile strength of more than 157 cattle / mm2, yield strength more than 108 cattle / mm2, film thickness of 10 microns. If it does not reach the standard, it is a bad pattern of aluminum.
      看效能。從廠家的生產線到企業的車間,中心要經歷打包、裝車、運送 、貯存、開包許多環節,花紋鋁板不免出現氧化、劃傷之類的殘損,規劃大、效能好的供貨商會為用戶供應退、換效能,為用戶處理后顧之慮。
      Look at the efficiency. The workshop to the enterprise from the factory production line, the center will experience packing, loading, transporting, storing, unpacking many links, unavoidable scratch pattern aluminum oxidation, such as damage, planning, performance good suppliers to provide the user back, for the performance, for the user to worry.
      Look at the price. The decorative aluminum plate is divided into two kinds of pure aluminum and alloy, and their price is not the same. The production of pattern aluminum plates produced by regular factories costs a ton of thousands of yuan, and the price of alloy is higher than that of pure aluminum. The price of aluminum plates of regular manufacturers is about 20%-30% higher than that of inferior aluminum plates. Enterprises in the acquisition, not only avoid the price, buy substandard products, it is too late.
      Aluminum rod manufacturers sell pure aluminum, aluminum alloy, decorative aluminum, aluminum wire, aluminum, aluminum and curtain wall aluminum products, and the price is reasonable. If you need to know more about the price of the aluminum letter,