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      1, the performance is due to shunt reinforcement caused by poor convergence decline should be appropriate to increase the rib and the outer surface, tendon and tendon at the confluence of the length, or increase the compression ratio, die pressure change can be adjusted by changing the flow resistance of the die head straight section length; in the mold design stage can choose different compression ratio the change of extrusion pressure, but must pay attention to and head compression ratio of extruder screw compression ratio to adapt; also by changing the formula, adjusting the extrusion process parameters, increase the porous plate to change the size of the melt pressure.
      2, the cooling rate of the mold and the cooling water temperature often fail to attract enough attention. The role of cooling water is to cool the profile chain in time and achieve the purpose.

      3, the section design of the die is unreasonable, especially the treatment of the distribution of the inner reinforcement and the angle of the interface. This will cause the phenomenon of stress concentration. We need to improve the design and eliminate the right angle and sharp angle at the interface.
      4, the die material is not uniform, resulting in the uneven thickness of the wall, or the inconsistency of the density. This also causes the difference between the mechanical properties between the two surfaces of the profile. As for the non - standard sections, such as wall thin, there is no more to be said.
      5, the pressure of the die head is insufficient and the pressure of the die head is directly determined by the compression ratio of the die, especially the length of the die flat section. The compression ratio of the die head is too small or the straight section is too short will cause the products to be not dense and affect the physical properties.
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