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      Aluminum alloy profiles produced by aluminum plate manufacturers have excellent corrosion resistance and weatherability. The aluminum alloy plate manufacturers are strong and durable, with good appearance and decoration, and the production process is simpler than that of anodic oxidation, environmental protection and safety. They are widely applied in building, decoration, transportation and other industries.
      Aluminum manufacturers must chemical cleaning and etching before the spraying process, remove the surface adhesion of grease, dust and other pollutants and natural oxide film, the Aluminum Alloy matrix exposed, the formation of surface activation uniform, this is the key to guarantee the quality of chromate conversion coating and spraying quality.

      Acid etched degreasing process for the traditional process of degreasing, alkaline etching and cleaning out light three processes into one process, reduce cost and save energy, smooth Aluminum Alloy smooth surface treatment, maintain the original luster Aluminum Alloy, dissolved aluminum loss and bath and less precipitation, and chromate conversion treatment good matching performance, particularly suitable for surface treatment of Aluminum Alloy profile before spray painting.
      The process flow of pretreatment of aluminum alloy profiles for aluminum plate manufacturers:
      The workpiece hanging, acid etched degreasing, water washing, water washing, water washing, chromate conversion treatment, washing, draining, drying, spraying, curing. The aluminum plate manufacturers are divided into two kinds of automatic spray vertical lines and intermittent full impregnated horizontal lines.
      The vertical line is suitable for large batch, simple shape, high production efficiency, processing quality and stability, disadvantage is the complicated equipment, large investment, electric heating; the horizontal line is suitable for workpieces with complex shapes, less investment, wide application, the disadvantage is slow processing rate and low production efficiency.
      I believe you can understand all of the above contents. If you have any questions, please click on our official website http://www.mallhometrade.com, or call for consultation.