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      Although as a pattern aluminum aluminum processing products out of aluminum type pioneer, but as a member of the aluminum industry, it plays a role of the bright younger generation, as a common pattern aluminum decoration pattern aluminum aluminum plate type plate, have a good life, and pattern
      The aluminum species and changeable fashion style, which are for the subsequent development of pattern aluminum provides Everfount potential and power, this is one of the bright younger generation pattern aluminum as the current show a surprising development of our role, so the quality of development pattern aluminum
      It's a problem we need to deal with carefully now, because after all, an industry promotes the development of technology, so for such a beginning and ending, the sustainability of the development of decorative aluminum panels is very important.
      Under different circumstances, the general aluminum alloy striped plate: aluminum alloy striped plate made from 1060 Aluminum Plate Based on the plate can adapt to the ordinary environment, and the price is low.

      The general cold storage, floor, outer packing use this kind of striped aluminum sheet.
      Aluminum alloy plate: a fierce streak in 3003 as the main raw material processing, also known as the aluminum antirust aluminum, the strength is slightly higher than that in the general Aluminum Alloy markings plate, has a rust proof function, but the hardness and corrosion resistance are not up to the plate 5000 series of markings, so the goods used in anti rust is not severe for example, truck, cold storage floor.
      Aluminum magnesium alloy markings: 5052 or 5083 and other 5000 series of aluminum plates are made for the quality of the material. It has excellent milk corrosion, hardness and antirust function.
      General application in special local, such as ships, car lamp damp environment, the hardness of this aluminum plate is high, there is a certain load bearing capacity.
      In the oxidizing water solution, the surface of the pattern aluminum plate is very prone to produce a dense alumina passivation film. Because of its excellent corrosion resistance, even in high temperature concentrated nitric acid, the corrosion resistance of the pattern aluminum plate is better than that of the stainless steel.
      For some corrosive substances, because there is no iron pollution material, so they are often used as iron containment materials, other non-ferrous metals can also prevent iron pollution, but the aluminum plate is the cheapest.
      The above content is provided by the friendship of the aluminum plate manufacturer. Please click: http://www.mallhometrade.com, we adhere to the faith-based business plan, welcome your cooperation.