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      1, storage: the antirust aluminum plate should be stored in the dry and ventilated place, and flat on the surface of the flat, do not trample or impact.
      2, handling: moving plate should lift the four sides of the plate at the same time, strictly prohibit pushing and pulling, so as to avoid scraping the surface of the plate.
      3, use: slotted slotting machine or gong machine slot, should use more than 90 of the cutter head semicircle. The knife is not too deep and antirust aluminum, not too shallow to hem difficulties, should be 0.2-0.3MM thick plastic core material with aluminum plate bending together, in order to increase the strength and toughness, not in bending the plate or film may burst fracture.
      4, bending edge: when the edge must be forced evenly, one molding, do not bend repeatedly, otherwise the antirust aluminum plate may break.

      5, arc processing: processing arc should be processed with special bending equipment, so that the plank will gradually reach the required surface.
      6, batch: the same type and different batches of plates may have chromatic aberration. The price of rust proof aluminum plates with different chromatic aberrations may be different. When selling and using different batches of plates, we should increase the procedure of comparing chromatic aberration. When no color difference is observed, they can be used in the same plane.
      7, installation direction: when the same color aluminum plate is installed on the same plane, the direction of the process should be consistent, otherwise the visual color difference may be made.
      8, tear film: the protective film should be tore out within 45 days after the installation of antirust aluminum plate, otherwise it may be difficult to tear film or remove glue.
      9, use conditions: the inner wall board should be used indoors, not in the outdoor, so as to ensure the use effect and the service life.