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      Orange peel and aluminum products are widely used in aerospace, mold, instrumentation, chemical industry, construction, packaging, anti-corrosion and thermal insulation, air conditioning, solar energy, fridge and other industries.
      First, the orange peel and aluminum panel is introduced. Because the density of aluminum is only 2.71 and the density of iron is 7.8, the weight of each square aluminum tile is less than that of stainless steel 1/3, which can reduce the cost of enterprises and reduce the pressure of supports.
      其次:鋁具有良好的防銹效果,在外界壞境中,雨水,暴曬,大雪對于鋁幾乎沒有什么損壞,并不象鐵皮那樣,見到雨水以后就快速生銹. 由以上兩點可以看出,鋁瓦在很大程度上能完全替代不銹鋼材料,同時造價更低,是建筑行業的材料。

      Second: aluminum has good anticorrosive effect, in the external environment, rain, sun, snow almost no damage to what is not like that of aluminum, iron, see rain after the fast rusting. By the above two points can be seen, aluminum tile can completely replace the stainless steel material to a great extent, and the cost is lower. The preferred material in construction industry.
      The main products are: aluminum, aluminum strip, aluminum coil, aluminum foil, aluminum skin, aluminum tile, aluminum wafer, aluminum plate, aluminium alloy, alloy coated aluminum strip, aluminum alloy coil, aluminum plate, aluminum plate, pressure pattern type corrugated aluminum, aluminum coil, aluminum plate, color color insulation aluminum skin, anti-corrosion aluminum skin more than 10 more than 1000 varieties and specifications.
      由于橘皮花紋鋁板有較好的抗腐蝕性能,能抗硝酸的腐蝕,因此輸送有腐蝕性氣體。 橘皮花紋鋁板的加工性能很好,管壁厚度在1.5mm以下時可采用咬口連接,管壁厚度在1‘5mm以上采用焊接。
      Because the orange peel aluminum plate has good corrosion resistance, it can resist the corrosion of nitric acid, so the corrosive gas is transported. The processing performance of the orange peel aluminum plate is very good. The thickness of the tube wall can be connected with the bite mouth when the thickness of the tube is below 1.5mm. The thickness of the tube wall is welded over 1 '5mm.
      Aluminum circular duct is aluminum as raw material, through artificial or mechanical roll made of tubular, circular duct in rolling machine made of round off. It can be produced according to the needs of the customer and can be processed according to the drawing. Processing capacity: shearing, bending, welding, punching, welding, laser cutting, water cutting. Surface treatment: oxidation, plastics, fluorocarbon spray, sand spray, etc. Characteristic
      The problem of aluminum plate manufacturers is introduced here. More products are introduced to our official website: http://www.mallhometrade.com, our customer service will serve you wholeheartedly.