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      The carved hollowed aluminum sheet is used for indoor, ornamental smallpox, screen, partition and so on. Fear of hollowed out aluminum sheet for outdoor, easy to deform.
      The carved aluminum hollow veneers are made up of panels, stiffeners and hangers. Fluorocarbon sprayed and advanced CNC bending technology is used to ensure that the boards can be smooth and deformed after processing, and the external force performance is outstanding in the installation process of aluminum panels.
      Ear hanging directly from the surface of bending punch forming, but also in the panel riveting corner molding. The welding screws of the stiffeners and the rear face of the panel are connected to the panel to form a solid whole, which greatly enhances the strength and stiffness of the aluminum sheet. It ensures the smoothness and wind resistance in the long term use of the product.

      Misunderstandings two
      The carved hollowed aluminum sheet can only achieve simple patterns and can not produce complex patterns.
      The introduction of the new hollow metal seal cutting technology, cutting aluminum by graphic designer, technology of high accuracy, no damage to the surface of workpiece in cutting state of cooling, no deformation, smooth cutting surface does not sting, no burr, cutting Feng small, sophisticated technology, high accuracy, good quality, suitable for all kinds of precision high, complex map, map, a special graphs, such as complex pattern cutting.
      Carved and hollow aluminum sheets can be processed into non-standard aluminum plates of various specifications and shapes. Hollow aluminum sheets can be customized to various patterns such as smallpox, curtain walls and packing columns according to the requirements of designers.
      Misunderstandings three
      Excessive pursuit saves cost and reduces the thickness of aluminum plate.
      According to the national requirements, the aluminum sheet with a thickness of less than 2.0mm can not be used for exterior wall decoration. After carving, the aluminum single board has the characteristics of ventilation, which is more affected by the wind force than the ordinary curtain wall aluminum panel. If the thickness is insufficient, the deformation phenomenon will appear. It is suggested that the thickness of the carved hollowed aluminum sheet for outdoor use is controlled above 2.5mm.
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