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      Pattern aluminum aluminum plate by external mechanical processing is made, with a variety of patterns, these patterns do not look down upon it not only beautiful but very practical. Therefore, the pattern aluminum plate not only has obvious decorative, clear texture, but also has a strong anti-skid function, the most suitable antiskid decoration materials in the warehouse workshop.
      Pattern aluminum plate
      平時我們較常接觸到的是在公交車上, 在行駛中突然加速或者剎車,站立的乘客很容易滑倒,既使乘客拉著手拉環也會受到突如其來的沖擊力傷害,但是因為花紋鋁板的摩擦力極大,既然公交車突然加速或者剎車,對乘客也不會產生大的傷害。并且花紋鋁板還具有良好的耐磨性, 利用花紋鋁板做為車廂地面是較好的一種選擇,而且花紋鋁板的質量輕,不會對整體車廂的重量有大的影響。
      We are exposed to most often is in the bus, suddenly accelerated or brake during running, standing passengers easily slipping, even if the passengers hand Griphook will be sudden impact damage, but because of the huge friction pattern aluminum, since the sudden acceleration or braking on the bus, passengers will not produce much harm. And the decorative aluminum plate has good wear resistance. The use of pattern aluminum plate as the ground is the best choice, and the quality of the decorative aluminum plate is light, which will not have a great influence on the weight of the whole carriage.

      In fact, some carts that carry goods inside the factory can actually use the pattern aluminum plate as the making material, not only beautiful, but also very safe. Because a lot of goods are bogey, and the aluminum pattern can reduce the rocking degree of the goods with the friction of the pattern. If the goods are transported and scattered, the goods will not drop because of the vibration generated by the movement of the trolley.
      The pattern plate no matter from which, for as a non slip surface, especially the ship, car or wet plant, this kind of unstable factors, if the small friction floor, it is easy to slide into the internal personnel, damage. Of course, the ground of some public places can also be used to prevent the fall of old people and children. When we pay more attention to it, we find that many places in our life are useful to the pattern aluminum plates.
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