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      1. For the transport of the aluminum plate, it must be strictly forbidden to push, pull, draw and so on, which can easily cause the damage or scratch of the layout. Try to lift the four sides of the aluminum alloy plate at the same time, so that the plate can not be easily damaged.
      Two. During the placement of the aluminum plate, we must pay attention to not being put together with any chemical or damp material, which can cause corrosion easily.
      Three, during the transportation process, the aluminum alloy plate should be covered with standard cloth, so that it can avoid the invasion of rain or snow and frost, and cause the surface damage of products to varying degrees.

      Four, for the long-term placement of aluminum alloy plate manufacturers, we must keep dry, ventilated, bright and non corrosive environmental conditions, so as to maintain the performance and quality of aluminum plates.
      Five. For the placement of aluminum alloy plate, it is necessary to clean and clean regularly, so that the excess dust and sundries can not be attached to the surface of the aluminum plate for a long time.
      Six, the aluminum plate manufacturer put up a suggestion here that it is best to point out some isolating material when placing it and isolate the aluminum plate from the ground. It is usually kept at a distance of about ten centimeters, so that the aluminum plate will not be affected by the humidity of the ground, thus maintaining the quality and performance.