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      Color coated aluminum (colourful aluminum plate) refers to the goods after the coating of aluminum or aluminum. The most popular color coated aluminum rolls have fluorocarbon coated aluminium rolls (PVDF), polyester color coated aluminum rolls (PE).

      Polyester resin coated aluminum coil (PE) polyester resin is selected from the main chain containing ester bond polymer as monomer, adding alkyd resin, according to gloss, and can be divided into matte and gloss series. To make the goods with good gloss and lubrication, and good texture and feel, make the goods more rich stereo perception. Together, the coating of polyester color coated with aluminium rolls can be used to outdoors ultraviolet light, wind and rain, and so on.
      Fluorocarbon coating color coated aluminum coil (PVDF) chemical structure of fluorine in the acid material to bond with fluorine / carbide, function is more stable, the wear resistance of the titanium copper aluminum 7075 aluminum 6061 aluminum 6063 aluminum products with extraordinary, impact resistance, especially in extreme weather and harsh weather conditions, persistent resistance fade, anti UV light, it can be said that fluorocarbon color aluminum is stronger than polyester color aluminum weatherability and more extensive applicability. According to today's technical level, some manufacturers of excellent fluorocarbon coated aluminum rolls can even reach 30 years.
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